Little Wing (Frame)


"All her friends call her Little Wing, but she flies rings around them all…" —Neil Young

There is a raw purity that makes turning the cranks on a track bike unlike any other cycling experience. The mechanics of a bike distilled to its purist modern essentials. Our Little Wing frame condenses the best elements of contemporary track frames into a stunning, addictively fast package.

Power transfer and tuned handling uncompromisingly suited for both the boards and the roads were at the top of our priorities when designing the Little Wing. Stout, large-diameter chain- and seat stays, an oversized head tube, and an integrated seat mast keep all contact points firmly connected and instantly responsive under maximum exertion.

This singular focus carries through to the aesthetics of the Little Wing. The integrated seat mast adorned with a bespoke titanium clamp keeps things simple, stiff and appropriately minimalist. The subtle monochrome graphics highlight titanium’s natural lustre.

Like all of our frames, at the core of the Little Wing is our American-sourced 3Al-2.5V titanium tubing. Each applicable tube is either double or triple-butted by hand to suit the requirements of each tube in each frame size in order to shed unnecessary weight. Tube profiles are then carefully shaped, swaged, mitered and welded by some of the most experienced titanium craftsmen in the industry.

What makes titanium a great match for the Little Wing? 3Al-2.5V titanium offers a strength-to-weight ratio far better than aluminum or steel, which allows us to achieve more frame stiffness with less material. On the Little Wing, this translates into incredible crispness and responsiveness. This responsiveness, however, doesn’t come at the expense of ride quality. The resilient, road-smoothing ride quality that popularized titanium frames decades ago stays kindled in the Little Wing.

As with all No. 22 Bicycle Company frames, the Great Divide has been built to last a lifetime of epic rides, and its craftsmanship is backed by our lifetime warranty.

The Little Wing is sold as a frame including our bespoke integrated seatmast sleeve. Complete, custom builds and frameset packages are also available.


Frame material 3Al-2.5V American-milled aerospace grade titanium
Point of origin Handmade in the USA
Warranty Ten year warranty against manufacturing defects
Head tube 44mm internal diameter
Bottom bracket shell 68mm English thread
Seatmast clamp Bespoke titanium with Enve clamp hardware
Seatmast clamp adjustment range 2" (50mm)


Size  52cm 54cm 56cm 58cm
Effective top tube length (mm)  535 545 560 570
Seat tube, center-center (mm)  520 540 560 580
Head tube length (mm)  135 150 165 185
Seat tube angle (deg)  74 74 73.5 73.5
Head tube angle (deg)  73 73.5 73.5 73.5
Chain stay length (mm)  390 390 390 395
BB drop (mm)  58 58 58 58