Unique Innovations

Size-Specific Tubing

Found on: all models

The average weight of a rider on a 50cm frame is vastly different from the average weight of a 60cm frame. Despite this, many manufacturers use the same stiffness target across all frame sizes of a given model. At No. 22 we tailor tube diameters, wall thickness and butting for every individual frame size. The result: smaller sizes are lighter and have a smoother ride quality, while larger sizes are stiff enough for larger riders.

Bespoke Dropouts

Found on: all models

The relationship between the wheels, chainstays and dropouts of a frame are among the most important factors determining a bike’s ride quality, with dropouts playing a key role. For 2017, every one of our bikes uses a bespoke dropout of our own design. From the Reactor’s unique double-hood that accepts massively oversized chainstays and svelte seatstays, to our disc models’ thru axle dropouts designed to align perfectly with flat-mount calipers and X-12 thru axles, the dropouts on our frames are a perfect example of our sweat-the-details framebuilding method.

No. 22 Brand Forks

Found on: all models except Reactor

One of the biggest challenges facing many framebuilders is fork options: different frame sizes require varying fork offsets, but most aftermarket forks are only available in one. Rather than compromise the handling of our largest and smallest frames, we use our own brand of full-carbon forks, which are made in different rakes to suit our full range of frame sizes. The result is better handling and reduced toe overlap across all sizes.

T47 Bottom Bracket Shells

Found on: all models except Silver Wing and Little Wing

Oversized press-fit bottom brackets are great for frame stiffness, but can be difficult to service and are more susceptible to creaks. The threaded, oversized T47 bottom bracket shell offers the stiffness and strength benefits of press-fit bottom bracket shells, with the creak resistance and easier maintenance of a threaded bottom bracket.

Flat Mount Disc Brakes

Found on: Great Divide Disc, Broken Arrow, Drifter, Aurora

Flat mount disc brakes offer simpler installation and adjustment, reduce weight and adapter requirements, and look far cleaner than previous disc brake mounting systems. Complimented by our internal rear brake hose routing, our disc brake models offer the cleanest, simplest brake mounting interface available.

Internal Rear Brake Routing

Found on: Reactor, Aurora, Great Divide Disc, Broken Arrow, Drifter

Cutting a hole in a tube to pass a cable through is easy, but doing it in a durable and user friendly way is not. Our models with internal rear brake routing use a titanium guide tube welded into a hand mitered hole. The guide tube reinforces the tube, maintaining the strength lost from the cable hole, while making running cables through the frame far easier.

Carbon Seat Mast

Found on: Reactor, Aurora, Silver Wing

Expertly bonded between a set of custom cut titanium lugs, the full length carbon seat mast used on our range-topping models uses a continuous carbon tube running from the bottom bracket to the saddle. Paired with our one of a kind cast titanium seat mast topper, this construction offers excellent vibration damping and compliance while keeping the crisp, lively ride feel of titanium.

Anodized Graphics

Found on: all models

Our frames are finished in-house using combinations of anodizing, ceramic blasting, brushing and polishing. In a process unique to titanium, our optional anodized finishes are done without the use of dyes or acids. Instead, electric current is run through the surface of the material to manipulate how light is refracted. The anodized finish is as durable as the titanium frame itself, and doesn’t fade or chip like paint. Six standard colours are available.