Photo Tour: Inside the No. 22 Production Facility

by Mike Smith October 31, 2014

Recently we had cross racer, brand ambassador and all-around bicycle renaissance man Wilis stop by for a tour of the shop with camera in tow. Below are some of the images that Wilis took while he was here.


The previous Little Wing's welded seatmast topper sits next to our new, lighter weight cast version.


Anodizing shades are tested and recorded on a sample tube, with different voltages resulting in different colours.


Excess material collected during our precise CNC tube butting process.


Scott ovalizes tubes one at a time on our hydraulic press, tuning the ride quality of each frame.


Scott miters a main tube on one of our five dedicated mitering mills. Each mill is set up to handle a specific tube miter for perfect precision.


Frank miters a pair of stays.


After mitering, each tube is hand filed and test fitted to ensure a perfect fit at all tube junctions.


Our head welder Frank works his art.


After welding, each frame is extensively polished and buffed in the first step of the finishing process. Here, Bryar begins finishing a Great Divide.


Vinyl graphics are applied by hand, masking off each frame's graphics before blasting.


Kevin expertly applies a set of graphics.


A Great Divide waits patiently in the blast cabinet.


Final blasting applied to an anodized frame. 


Mike Smith
Mike Smith


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