No. 22 is Hiring: Production Manager
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No. 22 Bicycle Company is seeking a Production Manager to oversee the production of high-end titanium bicycles in Johnstown, NY. The Production Manager will be responsible for leading a small team of experienced craftspeople, coordinating and optimizing workflows, managing equipment purchases and maintenance, consumables, and production-related inventory. The job also involves active assistance in production.
Skinny Tires and Singletrack: Skyler Taylor on hi
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I've ridden the Aurora almost exclusively since Unbound and have about 1400 miles on it. The ride quality is genuinely sublime. It's aggressive, compliant and responsive all at once. How do No. 22 do that? The biggest difference I've felt from my gravel bike is how well the Aurora climbs. It feels faster, and it is faster. I'm also pleasantly surprised by how it sprints. A lot of the lightweight road bikes I've been on have noticeable flex during a full sprint, but the Aurora is rock solid. This bike really does feel like it can do it all.
Above Category Cycling's Interview with Bryce Gra
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"It's an iteration, an evolution. I think that's the way to think of it," explains No. 22’s co-founder Bryce Gracey 
Exciting new Model and Finish Updates
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We've been burning the midnight oil with our team at No. 22 in recent months (years?), and we're excited to be rolling out the most significant updates to our lineup, ever. With an official unveiling at the Philly Bike Expo on October 29th and 30th, expect to see these new options available on our website in the coming days.
A Refinement to our Seatposts
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Our made-in-house titanium seatposts have long been a staple of our builds, with great ride quality and an understated look that ties in nicely with our frames. We're always looking for ways to refine everything we make, though, and on the heels of the launch of our 3D printed titanium dropouts, we are introducing a new version of our seatposts to leverage the same technology

We're Hiring: Mechanic
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No. 22 is looking for a mechanic to join the growing team of framebuilders in our Johnstown, NY production facility. A great candidate will be passionate about craftsmanship at the highest level, and will have previous bicycle assembly and mechanical experience.
A Deep Dive Into our New 3D Printed Dropouts
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If you asked any framebuilder what is the part that most drives the construction of a frame, chances are they'll tell you it's the dropout. The dropout is responsible for more design and construction decisions than any other part of a frame, and plays a key role in the frame's structure, alignment, serviceability, durability and looks.

Against that backdrop we began the process of revising our disc brake dropouts nearly three years ago, and after several years of iterating, prototyping, testing, and revising we are pleased to be rolling out the latest iteration of our dropouts at last.

A glimpse into the future, and a special Little W
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Early summer has been busy as always with No. 22, and we're happy to pull back the curtain on a few things we're currently working on.

In late June we were thrilled to once again take part in Enve's Grodeo and Builder's Roundup at their factory in Ogden, Utah. Once a year Enve invites a select group of framebuilders from around the world to the Builder's Roundup to show off a special build, and participate in rides in the hills from Enve's back door.

This year we used the opportunity to show a Drifter with a sneak peek at a few things we have in the works.
There Has Never Been a Better Time for a No. 22
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It's no secret that things have been a bit eventful in the bike world for the last two years, and at No. 22 we have had our share of excitement. With rapidly growing sales and supply chain challenges we have had our work cut out for us to navigate the changing landscape.

We have been hard at work growing our small team of skilled fabricators, investing in our equipment and growing and improving our production facility. The result is that our current lead time for new orders has now shrunk to the quickest it has been in the last two years: our current delivery estimate for new orders is 16 weeks, pending parts availability.

We're Hiring: Finishing and Fabrication Specialist
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No. 22 is looking for a finishing and fabrication specialist to join our small and growing team of framebuilders in our Johnstown, NY production facility. A great candidate will be passionate about craftsmanship at the highest level, and will have previous bicycle manufacturing experience.
Satoshi Suzuki's Great Divide in Japan
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After 18 months of riding and adventures aboard his Great Divide, Japan's Satoshi Suzuki's fondness grows with each additional mile.

"I find myself every weekend yearning to ride on this bike", says Suzuki. "The maneuverability is super smooth! It makes me happy at every descent turn."

Chad Nordwall of Above Category describes his Rea
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Chad Nordwall knows his way around custom bikes. Beginning with a custom Land Shark in 1989, Chad’s personal history with custom bikes has intertwined with his professional life through the founding of Above Category Cycling. Above Category has firmly established itself as one of the premier shops in the world, and the brands Above Category represents are the carefully selected pinnacles of their segments.
Introducing our all-new coupler system
We’ve always dreamed of a better coupler solution, and after an extended development period we’re excited to finally have one. Our coupler bikes rely on two key innovations: our bespoke low-profile frame couplers, and our “Brake Break” hydraulic coupler for brake hoses.
Save The Rim Brake! A Reactor Dream Build
Every now and again we get a chance to work on a bike that perfectly aligns a rider’s vision and our own, and this very special Reactor for No. 22 dealer Larry Marcus is our latest example of that alignment.
Covid-19 Update: Our Factory is Open Again
We are excited to announce that after more than six weeks our factory in Johnstown, NY is reopening. Our production team is safe, healthy, and above all thrilled to be returning to work as restrictions on business operations in NY begin to lift.
How we finish a frame
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Anodization is the perfect way to add a custom signature to your frame. Watch our video on how we achieve the full spectrum of colors and perfect each design.
Didier Muller's custom "Tibet Bike"
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Didier Muller's special Aurora goes for a ride to Everest Basecamp
No. 22 Racing's Darcey Moore on navigating mud, s
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No. 22 Racing’s Darcey Moore loves technical riding and anything challenging. Based outside Boston, she works in logistics for art museums by day, and first realized that she loved cycling when she started commuting to work by bike.
Inside our QC process
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“This phase is all about making sure every detail will come together nicely when you do the final build.”
How "squishing" each titanium tube delivers a spe
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A key moment that helps define the ride identity of each No. 22 build is when machinist Bryar Sesselman carefully “squishes” each frame during the butting process.
Our Welding Process
Despite what you might expect, No. 22 head welder Frank Cenchitz spends a lot of time in front of an alignment plate: a
Introducing No. 22 x Boyd Wheelsets
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The unique No. 22 x Boyd wheelsets were created because both brands know that cyclists purchasing timeless bikes are also looking for a wheelset that they don’t have to throw away and replace with an expensive upgrade. 
The First-Ever Drifter X Owner: Olympic Gold Meda
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A world-record setting speed skater on why he solid his other bikes and now only rides a Drifter X for training, exploring and commuting.
Cycles Bikyle manager Alex Winoski on his custom
Alex Winoski, a passionate cyclist and manager of the upscale shop Cycles Bikyle outside Philadelphia, struggled to fi
Why Our Butting Process Is Special
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One of the special aspects of a No. 22 build is the care we put into constructing the frame. A unique feature of each build is that we butt each tube we use on all of our frames.
Krys Blakemore: Creating accessibility for women
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No. 22 Racing team director Krys Blakemore on expanding women's racing in New York and beyond
How we design a No. 22 bicycle
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The first video in a series exploring our design and build process
Honored to Be Best In Show
We are excited and extremely humbled to share with you that we received the following honors at the 2019 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento, Calif., including the biggest award of the event: Best in Show!
Introducing the Drifter X
After months of dreaming, sketching, building (and rebuilding), we're extremely proud to introduce a gravel bike with incredible edge
No. 22 Racing's Krista Ciminera on gravel rides i
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The Philly-based nurse takes her Broken Arrow on an Italian mixed-terrain adventure, talks about why cross and alleycat racing is similar, and describes how the cycling community has changed her life for the better

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