What's in a Titanium Weld?

by Mike Smith August 08, 2017 3 Comments

No. 22 Titanium Welding

The No. 22 welding team is led by Frank Cenchitz, who personally has over 20 years of welding titanium bike frames. Sam Dries, our young prodigy (and hotshot CX racer) has added nearly three years of training under Frank to his previous welding experience. The knowledge and experience of our weld team is a key element of what makes every No. 22 special. Click through to read more about our welding process.

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Why Ride Titanium?

by Mike Smith June 30, 2017 1 Comment

No. 22 Raw Titanium Tubing

Many different materials can be used in the manufacturing of a bicycle, each with their own set of benefits and challenges. Before launching No. 22 Bicycles, we put significant time and energy into considering the type of performance, comfort, durability and aesthetics we wanted to offer to our customers.

With the frame qualities established, we researched which material would best deliver the ride experience we were working towards. In the end we agreed that titanium was the best solution.

In this post we examine some of the attributes of titanium, and how its properties deliver the ride experience every No. 22 frame offers. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but may help point you in the right direction when choosing your next frame.

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Starting the season strong: 2017 NAHBS and Toronto show wrap-ups

by Mike Smith March 19, 2017 2 Comments

Trade shows are a logistical challenge at the best of times, and this year the Toronto International Bicycle Show and the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) were separated by four days and nearly 2,000 miles. The whole No. 22 team was scrambling: from late nights anodizing tube samples, last-minute catalogue production, nerve-wracking customs clearances and coordination with our suppliers to make sure not just the bikes, but all of their parts, were there on time. Throw in a blizzard at home and the result has been one of our more ambitious show schedules to date.

So, was it worth it? Absolutely. 

Click through for more.

No. 22 2017 NAHBS Campagnolo Best in Show Award

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An explanation of our 10-year warranty

by Mike Smith December 29, 2016 2 Comments

We are occasionally asked why we offer a ten year warranty, in contrast to the so-called "lifetime" warranties that are advertised by other titanium builders. 

We are tremendously proud of the craftsmanship of our frames, and we have built our brand around offering what we believe are the best made titanium frames currently available. We strive to be open and honest with every element that goes into our bikes, and our warranty is no exception.

Click through for more.

No. 22 Warranty Card

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The Aurora: our all-new road disc model

by Mike Smith November 08, 2016

It's not every day that we get to announce a new model, which made our launch of the Aurora at the recent Philly Bike Expo even more special. Blending the sublime handling of our Great Divide Disc with the smooth ride quality and increased stiffness under power of the Reactor, the Aurora has been one of the most anticipated bikes we've ever released.

Up front, the Aurora uses a tapered head tube with an integrated headset, shrink-wrapped around the thru-axle tapered steerer carbon road fork. Taking a page from the Reactor's playbook, the Aurora features a CNC-engraved head tube "badge", saving a few grams over our conventional solid titanium badges.

Click through for more.

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Race on Sunday, build on Monday

by Mike Smith October 29, 2016

Between our support of This Team Saves Lives and our own No. 22 Factory CX Team, there are an even greater number of No. 22 frames between the tape on race day this cyclocross season.

Click through for more.

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Track, Street and Mountains: Werehaus shoots the Little Wing in all its natural habitats

by Mike Smith August 04, 2016

The creative studio Werehaus recently teamed up with our Brooklyn dealer Deluxe in order to show the versatility of the Little Wing. Check out the video below, and the Werehaus website for full details.

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No. 22 Kit Launch and Pre-Sale

by Mike Smith July 19, 2016

After many, many requests, we are proud to be launching our official line of No. 22 kit. Like our frames the kit is built using premium materials throughout, with subdued graphics and a wide range of fit options to suit all riders.

We're so excited about the launch that we are running a pre-sale for the first order. Until July 29, 2016, shop our new clothing options at special launch pricing. Pre-orders will close on July 29 at midnight EST, and kit will ship 3-4 weeks after the sale ends.

Check out the full range of kit options here.

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No. 22 and This Team Saves Lives

by Mike Smith July 13, 2016

No. 22 and This Team Saves Lives

We're excited to be supporting This Team Saves Lives (TTSL) as a platinum sponsor this year. TTSL is an all-women's adventure, cyclocross and gravel racing and riding team with riders on the East and West coasts of the USA. 


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Detail upgrades across our entire 2016 lineup

by Mike Smith February 26, 2016 6 Comments

No. 22 Flat Mount Disc Titanium Dropout

Beyond the big news of our two new models launching at NAHBS in Sacramento today, we have been hard at work on a number of tweaks and updates across our entire lineup. Click through for the full list of changes to our 2016 models.

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Introducing the Drifter gravel bike and the Old King mountain bike

by Mike Smith February 26, 2016 3 Comments

As NAHBS 2016 in Sacramento, California kicks off, we are excited to announce the launch of two new models for 2016, as well as a number of improvements and upgrades to the rest of our line-up. Click through for full details.

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The Great Divide Disc is now available

by Mike Smith May 16, 2015 2 Comments

There's no escaping it: disc brakes on road bikes are here in a very big way. In recent months disc brakes have become our most popular custom option on the Great Divide, and in recognition of this we are now building the Great Divide Disc as a stand-alone model.

Click through for more.

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No. 22 at NAHBS 2015: Introducing the all new Reactor

by Mike Smith March 06, 2015 4 Comments

After months of development, we are excited today to launch our all new Reactor model from the floor of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The Reactor is intended as a more race-focused bike than our current Great Divide model, with a frame that is stiffer under power and more aggressive, race-ready geometry.

During the development process of the Reactor, we scrutinized every element of the frame to deliver on the light, stiff and durable demands of a race focused bike. The end result is a frame with the stiffness and ride quality expected from a top tier titanium frame, at a weight of only 13.1lbs complete as shown.

Click through for the complete details.

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Sold - 54cm Broken Arrow demo for sale

by Mike Smith February 04, 2015


Well, that was quick—we're happy to say that this bike found a new home within 24h of being posted. Thanks to all of those interested.

We're selling our brand new Broken Arrow demo bike. Built to be photographed for the Broken Arrow's launch, this bike was never ridden, and is in like-new condition. The only exception is some very minor scuffing on the wheels from being jostled in shipping.

Based on the $5,499 CX1 build of the Broken Arrow, this bike has an upgraded wheelset with Reynolds Assault Disc carbon tubulars. The tires are Clement MXPs, still unglued.

Our regular price for this build is $6,349. For this weeks-old demo, we are asking $5,499.

Click through for full specs and more images

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The Radavist shoots the new Broken Arrow at US CX Nationals

by Mike Smith January 21, 2015

Wilis Johnson of Brooklyn No. 22 dealer Deluxe Cycles caught the attention of The Radavist while racing at the US CX Nationals in Austin, Texas. Check out the full gallery of the Broken Arrow in all its muddy glory at The Radavist.

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Deep Dive: The All New No. 22 Little Wing

by Mike Smith November 06, 2014 6 Comments

After months of development, we are excited to launch the latest version of the No. 22 Little Wing titanium track frame. Building on the success of the original Little Wing, this new version has been our most ambitious new bike development yet. You can check out the essentials about the bike on our Little Wing product page, but this blog post digs a little deeper into the details that make the Little Wing so special.

Click through for the full article.

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Photo Tour: Inside the No. 22 Production Facility

by Mike Smith October 31, 2014

Recently we had cross racer, brand ambassador and all-around bicycle renaissance man Wilis stop by for a tour of the shop with camera in tow. Below are some of the images that Wilis took while he was here.

Click through for the full tour.

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Wilis Johnson unleashes the Broken Arrow

by Mike Smith October 07, 2014

Big thanks to Wilis Johnson and Greg Addo for putting this video together of the Broken Arrow's premier race at Providence Cyclocross Festival.

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SOLD - 50cm Great Divide Demo For Sale

by Mike Smith September 18, 2014 1 Comment

Thanks to all for your interest, but this bike has sold. We've kept the original listing below for posterity.

We're selling a nearly-new Great Divide 50cm demo. Ridden less than 250km, this demo bike looks and rides like new.

Based on our stock Ultegra 6800 build, this bike has a few key upgrades, including:

  • Upgrade to 3T Rigida LTD fork
  • Reynolds Attack carbon clincher wheels

The full specs are below. Our price as new for this bike is $5,379. We're offering this 50cm demo (with full warranty) for $4,500.

If interested, get in touch at sales@22bicycles.com.

Click through for full specs and more images.

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Little Wing Update

by Mike Smith September 12, 2014

One-piece titanium dropouts now offer a full 1" of adjustment.

We have been hard at work for the past few months updating and improving the Little Wing, and are excited to announce that production has commenced.

First, what's not changing on the Little Wing: the bike's core elements that made the original Little Wing such a success are all intact. The revised Little Wing keeps the stiff yet comfortable ride quality, track specific geometry and striking design of the original.

So what has changed? Click through for the full breakdown of changes.

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No. 22 is Now Hiring (Updated)

by Mike Smith August 07, 2014

Update: thanks to all that applied. The position has been filled, and we have added a new and talented member to our team.

As production continues to ramp up at our Johnstown, NY framebuilding facility, we are looking for new team members to keep up with demand. If you or somebody you know is looking to join a great work atmosphere in the Johnstown area, we'd encourage you to get in touch with a résumé. Applications can be sent to info@22bicycles.com.

Click through to view the full posting.

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What's Happening at No. 22

by Mike Smith June 29, 2014 1 Comment

As those who have been following us recently know, this has been a year of big change at No. 22 Bicycle Company. Between opening our new manufacturing facility, updating our current bikes, developing new models and growing our dealer network, we’ve managed to pack quite a bit into the last few months. The following are the highlights of these changes.

Our New Framebuilding Facility

Our new production home in Johnstown, NY.

As we announced in the spring, we have opened a new manufacturing facility in upstate New York. Occupying space in a former textile mill, we have taken advantage of this fresh start in titanium framebuilding and have assembled the perfect mix of new and old equipment. Mitering takes place on a row of dedicated US-made Bridgeport vertical mills, each cutting as precisely as they have for the last 50 years. At the other end of the spectrum, our HAAS CNC lathe butts tubing with perfect precision, allowing us to remove exactly the right amount of material from our tubing to make sure every frame rides exactly as intended.

...(click through for more)

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Little Wings at the Red Hook

by Mike Smith April 06, 2014

Image: Andrew Franciosa

Despite torrential rain and cold temperatures, riders Andrew Romashyna and Wilis Johnson proudly represented us aboard Little Wing frames at the 2014 Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn this past weekend.

Photographers Steve Carty (stevecarty.com) and Andrew Franciosa (andrewfranciosa.com) each captured some great shots of the event—click through to check out the full set of our favourites.

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Getting Ready for the Brooklyn Red Hook

by Mike Smith March 27, 2014

We're gearing up to send two riders to the Brooklyn Red Hook Crit this weekend aboard a pair of Little Wing frames. Toronto rider Andrew Romashyna (pictured below in a great shot by Steve Carty) will be aboard a slightly tweaked version of the build that he first sampled earlier this winter. NYC native Wilis Johnson will also be stomping aboard a Little Wing frame, and he put together a time lapse (above) of his frame coming together.

We're lucky to have two awesome guys aboard our bikes for this event. Keep an eye out for them this weekend!

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