No. 22 at NAHBS 2015: Introducing the all new Reactor

by Mike Smith March 06, 2015 4 Comments

After months of development, we are excited today to launch our all new Reactor model from the floor of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The Reactor is intended as a more race-focused bike than our current Great Divide model, with a frame that is stiffer under power and more aggressive, race-ready geometry.

During the development process of the Reactor, we scrutinized every element of the frame to deliver on the light, stiff and durable demands of a race focused bike. The end result is a frame with the stiffness and ride quality expected from a top tier titanium frame, at a weight of only 13.1lbs complete as shown.

Like all No. 22 frames, the true beauty of the Reactor is in the details. For those not able to see the bike in person at NAHBS, a quick run through of some of the Reactor details is below.

Carbon Seat Mast and Titanium Lugs

The Reactor's carbon seat mast held by a pair of titanium lugs is the frame's most striking feature. The carbon seat mast adds stiffness and additional vibration damping to the already legendary ride quality of titanium.

Capped by our bespoke cast titanium seat mast topper (first seen on our Little Wing), the seat mast saves weight and allows for more carefully tuned ride quality compared to a conventional seatpost.

Head Tube

In an effort to trim excess weight, we developed an all new head tube for the Reactor. Featuring a slight external taper and an integrated headset, the head tube allows for stiff, tapered 1-1/4" steerer tube forks with minimal additional weight. Even our signature head tube badge has been revised, with our conventional solid titanium badge replaced by a minimal CNC engraved version.

Stays and Dropouts

Creating a great riding race bike requires a careful balance of frame stiffness and comfort. On the Reactor, we handle the stiffness part of the equation with oversized 25mm chainstays, ovalized to 30mm where needed for oustanding power transfer. Despite this large diameter, the frame will still accommodate up to a 28mm tire.

Balancing the drivetrain stiffness provided by the chainstays are svelte 13mm seatsays, maintaining the smooth ride quality that titanium is legendary for. The stays meet at a pair of hooded dropouts designed exclusively for the Reactor for a clean and rigid rear end.

Pricing, Finish and Configurations

The Reactor is available as a frame for $3,999, including the seatmast topper and hardware. In addition, the Reactor will also be available as a frame kit for $5,199 including a 3T Rigida LTD fork, 3T Aerotundo LTD handlebar, 3T ARX II Team stem and Cane Creek AER II headset.

Custom frame and cockpit finishing such as the graphics shown on our NAHBS launch bike are also available, at a to be determined charge.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith


4 Responses

Robert Iguidez
Robert Iguidez

June 03, 2015

I can not find a frame geometry on your site. Can you send me one?


Timothy Halley
Timothy Halley

March 29, 2015

Hello, perhaps I missed it but do you have a size geometry spec sheet? I ride a CAAD9-56cm and looking for (finally) an upgrade. What is the availability and cost to California for the frame kit?

Thank you,


March 07, 2015

Saw this bike today, it was very very cool. I think it would be super killer with the cool anodizing that you did on the Great Divide bike that you had at the show.

Honestly you guys were my favorite of the vendors at the NAHBS today. Congrats on the cross bike win!

March 06, 2015

Wow! Can’t wait to see this up close and in person!

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