Introducing No. 22 x Boyd Wheelsets

No. 22 is proud to announce a recent collaboration with a like-minded brand. In partnership with Greenville, S.C.-based Boyd Cycling, we are revealing a collection of unique, hand-built wheelsets that will serve as the perfect finishing touch to any No. 22 build. 

Boyd Cycling shares No. 22’s values of delivering high-quality, focused pieces made with care and attention to detail.

“We loved the idea of working with No. 22 because our companies are so similar,” explains Boyd Johnson, founder of Boyd Cycling. “We’re both smaller companies that like to focus on doing one things right, so I think it makes sense for us to make these wheels. We understand the level of detail and precision that No. 22 prides itself on and we can match that better than a larger company. After seeing the brand’s success at NAHBS this past March, we were truly honoured to be asked to make their wheels.” 

Boyd is now a 10-year-old brand born from the same passion for cycling that led to No. 22. Johnson, a lifelong cyclist, raced as a professional for many years. During his racing days, he began to become interested in what he was racing on, and how it was made. He meticulously studied the equipment choices that helped him race at his best, and began to start thinking about crafting tools that were both exceptionally well-made and high performing. 

“I would often rebuild my wheels to make them better for my racing,” he says looking back to what turned out to be the germination of the Boyd brand. “Now with the company, I can channel my knowledge into creating a unique product for consumers looking for something different.”

Boyd knows that a variety of factors go into creating a wheel that cyclists will love to ride. “We look at wheel geometry, wide spacing, rim shape for aerodynamics; the system and how it all interacts. We consider all details from spoke count to how the airflow turns over onto the rim to how much air pressure are you going to want to run in the tire.” 

Boyd values ride quality over aerodynamics with their wheels, but uses high-end technology to create a wheel that stands strong against the competition in all aspects. 

“We measure aerodynamics in the wind tunnel or through advanced computer programs, but with ride quality as a top priority we are really looking at things what size tire works best and what are people going to use,” he explains, acknowledging that this is what the customer will be most concerned with.

The unique No. 22 x Boyd wheelsets were created because both brands know that cyclists purchasing timeless bikes are also looking for a wheelset that they don’t have to throw away and replace with an expensive upgrade. 

“We’ve created something that totally fits with the No. 22 brand. From the custom decal we created to the laser-etched logo on the hubs, these wheels match the bike in terms of aesthetics and quality,” Johnson says. He’s particularly excited that they’ve created entirely different wheels for the disc and rim line-ups. “It’s different rims, different depth—not just swapping the hubs like you’ll see from a lot of other brands.”

No. 22 knows our customers will appreciate the level of detail that has gone into this collaboration and we can’t wait for you to experience the wheels’ superior ride quality that Boyd brings to the overall No. 22 package.

To learn more about Boyd Cycling  visit their website.

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