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What the media says about No. 22 Bikes

“The latest from No. 22 Bicycles is one of the slickest looking disc road bikes on the market.”

“Can No. 22’s bike offerings get any more dialed? The short answer is probably not, especially after their big unveil at NAHBS this year because right now, they’re touting perfection. No matter how practical their other bikes might be, with super sleek lines on their road, cross, gravel and mountain frames, the Silver Wing track machine is straight up other-worldly...”

“The Broken Arrow was No. 22’s entry in best cyclocross bike. Like last year, this category was arguably the most difficult to judge because so many of the entrants were so well considered. At minimum, each of the entrants had to show incredible construction, and the Broken Arrow help set the bar high in that regard. The welds were among the best we saw in this category.”
“Ultimately, the Great Divide is an impressive entrant... being racy enough for a competitive rider but compliant and pleasant enough for long days in the saddle. Where No. 22 has really achieved its target, though, is that this is a titanium bike that doesn’t have to rely on good looks to be a worthwhile purchase. ... The Great Divide can perform every bit as well as similarly pitched carbon bikes, with the metallic benefits being simply a bonus.”
“The No. 22 Bikes Great Divide combined low weight, high comfort levels, and neutral handling with good power transfer to deliver a ride best described as sprightly... The best I can say is that I did not want to give it back.”
“The bike is quiet, smooth and responsive and is proving to be a great all-rounder. What I like is that it’s just as enjoyable sauntering along as it is going for a blast. ... One other thing that really stands out for me is how memorable it is, the ride always seems to linger after I get off the bike.”
“At this point, we have come to expect gorgeous, functional bikes from the Canadian company building their titanium fleet in the US. ... Bicycles out of No. 22 boast impressive welds, immaculate finishing, but are still built to get dirty.”
"Thankfully, there is still a vibrant community of titanium (and steel) frame builders out there who know all about cycling’s black plastic monopoly but still prefer to bring something else to the table. As for the No. 22, what’s even more impressive is that beyond being just a titanium bike, they’ve upped the bargain with a level of enjoyable, artistic details seldom found these days. ... The Drifter was as compliant as any of the best carbon bikes we’ve tested. No doubt the pillowy 40mm Schwalbe tires help, but this is a frame that best defines all the possible attributes of a titanium frame. Yes, once again we are gloating about an expensive bike ... but when you consider there are some frames on the market that sell for just as much, paying seven large for such a distinctive, durable, fine-riding steed makes all the sense in the world."

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