Titanium Seat Mast Topper

Designed alongside the most recent Little Wing, our cast titanium seat mast topper is a light, strong and beautifully detailed component.

When designing this second generation seat mast topper, our primary goals were reduced weight and increased adjustability, while maintaining durability. In order to achieve these goals this new topper is cast as a single piece rather than welded from multiple parts. The result is a one-piece topper that is both lighter and stronger than its predecessor.

At 120g including ENVE saddle rail hardware, our new cast titanium seat mast topper is more than 40g lighter than the version it replaced. The new topper is also shorter with decreased minimum insertion, which allows riders to drop the saddle more than an inch lower than our previous design allowed.


Material Cast titanium
Inside Diameter 34.9mm
Clamp Hardware Enve (includes hardware for oversized rails)
Weight 120g, including hardware