Detail upgrades across our entire 2016 lineup

by Mike Smith February 26, 2016 6 Comments

Beyond the big news of our two new models launching at NAHBS in Sacramento today (check out that announcement here), we have been hard at work on a number of tweaks and updates across our entire lineup. The following is a list of the key changes for 2016: 

  • Size-specific tubing on all models. The average weights of a 48cm frame rider and a 60cm frame rider differ substantially, and the stiffness levels of our frames now reflect this more than ever. For 2016, we are not only using different butting profiles for different frame sizes (as we have always done), but we are going a step further by changing key tube diameters themselves across different sizes. This ensures that riders of any size get exactly the stiffness and comfort balance promised by each of our bikes.

  • No. 22 brand carbon forks. Manufactured under contract by a leading carbon manufacturer, we are expanding our forks to cover our entire lineup. Our Great Divide, Great Divide Disc, Broken Arrow and Drifter models now have forks in two different rakes for better handling across all frame sizes. On the Great Divide Disc, our disc-specific fork features flat mount disc tabs, internal brake hose routing, and a 12mm thru-axle for much improved cornering stiffness. The forks used on the Broken Arrow and Drifter share these features and add substantially increased tire clearance and a 15mm thru-axle. All of our forks are now painted to create an aesthetically cohesive finishing scheme on each model.

  • Bespoke dropouts. Our new propriety cast dropouts neatly mate our bikes’ chainstays and seatstays, offering a large weld surface for stiffness and durability, while paring away unnecessary material for slight weight savings. The Great Divide dropouts now use an integrated derailleur hanger for increased shift precision. The Broken Arrow, Drifter and Great Divide Disc frames now offer 12mm rear thru-axles as standard, bringing a new level of stiffness to the rear ends of these bikes.
  • T47 bottom bracket shells. The new T47 threaded bottom bracket shell offers the stiffness benefits of oversized press-fit bottom bracket shells, but with the added serviceability of a threaded bottom bracket. T47 bottom bracket shells are standard on all of our 2016 models save for the Little Wing.

No. 22 Broken Arrow Flat Mount Titanium Dropouts

  • Flat mount discs and internal rear cable routing. The Great Divide Disc, Broken Arrow and Drifter all feature flat mount disc brake tabs as standard. This road-specific design allows for much cleaner caliper mounting without adapters. Complimenting these new caliper mounts is internal rear brake hose routing on all of our disc models, with hoses exiting along the chainstay just ahead of the brake caliper for exceptionally clean looks.

  • 27.2mm seatposts. In response to customer feedback about limited seatpost availability in our previous 30.9mm size, all of our 2016 models will feature a 27.2mm internal seat tube diameter for greater aftermarket seatpost options.
Our entire 2016 lineup is on display at NAHBS in Sacramento, California from Feb. 26-28, and then at the Toronto International Bicycle Show from March 4-6. The bikes are headed to the photo studio immediately following the Toronto show, and full images will be available shortly after.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith


6 Responses

Mike Smith
Mike Smith

December 28, 2016

Hi Brendon,

The Reactor’s fork doesn’t currently accommodate direct mount brakes, but it’s something that we are keeping an eye on for future revisions.

Brendon Soonami
Brendon Soonami

December 27, 2016

Hi Mike,

Will the Reactor have a Direct-Mount brake caliper option?

Best, B

Mike Smith
Mike Smith

July 05, 2016

Hi Darryl,

We do use direct-mount compatible hangers on the Old King model, but as the upcoming Dura Ace R9100 is the first road rear derailleur to offer the direct-mount option, it isn’t something we’ve worked into the Reactor yet. It’s likely something we’ll look at in the future, but also it’s worth noting that the R9100 rear derailleur doesn’t require a direct mount frame: it’s available to work with much more common conventional derailleur hangers like those used on the Reactor.

Darryl Williams
Darryl Williams

June 30, 2016

Will the Reactor have the option to handle the direct mount configuration of the rear derailleur that the new Shimano Dura Ace group set is touting?

Mike Smith
Mike Smith

May 10, 2016

Hi Dane,

Email sent to discuss.



Dane Morrison
Dane Morrison

May 09, 2016

Hi – on the Reactor can you make it so the entry port for the shift wire (EPS V3) is right beside the. Rear brake Entry?

Please contact me by email to discuss.


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