A glimpse into the future, and a special Little Wing from Seoul

A Special Drifter with a Glimpse into the Future

Early summer has been busy as always with No. 22, and we're happy to pull back the curtain on a few things we're currently working on.

In late June we were thrilled to once again take part in Enve's Grodeo and Builder's Roundup at their factory in Ogden, Utah. Once a year Enve invites a select group of framebuilders from around the world to the Builder's Roundup to show off a special build, and participate in rides in the hills from Enve's back door.

This year we used the opportunity to show a Drifter with a sneak peek at a few things we have in the works.

First, our push in recent years into 3D printed titanium is continuing to yield great results, here with a new set of 3D printed titanium dropouts. In collaboration with Silca, and with heat treating done by Boeing, our new dropouts are substantially lighter, massively stronger, and tidier looking than ever before. Final finishing details are still to be determined, but we are expecting to be incorporating these dropouts into builds as a running change later this summer.

Next, we have been hard at work on fully integrated cable solutions for all of our models. On the Drifter shown above, we have developed a new bespoke gravel fork which combines even greater tire clearance than our current Drifter fork with the ability to pass the front brake hose internally through the steerer tube for a fully cable-free experience. With an all-new design our new gravel fork is also slightly lighter than the fork it is replacing.

New Drifter orders will all be receiving this new fork as standard, and look for similar upgrades to roll out across the rest of our lineup in the coming months.

Finally, we used this Drifter as a test bed for some potential new finishing options, combining raw titanium, anodizing, paint and clearcoat to stunning effect. We have recently made the move of bringing all of our paint in-house with an investment in our new paint and Cerakote facilities. We are still experimenting for now, but look for some exciting new finishing options to complement our current Raw, Anodized and High Polish selections soon.

A Unique Little Wing Build from Korea

No. 22 Dealer Bike Makes Me Happy from Seoul really knocked it out of the park with a recent Little Wing build. Their idea of custom finishing a Thomson titanium riser bar and our own Ti stem was spot on. The bespoke wheel build around a set of our Boyd / No. 22 rims takes the coordination to the next level.

We'd love to coordinate with you to make your next build extra-special as well: please get in touch any time and we can get the process started.

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