How we design a No. 22 bicycle

Apr 29, 2019
The first video in a series exploring our design and build process
How we design a No. 22 bicycle

We spend a lot of time considering how to best build a No. 22 bike. The team at our Johnstown. N.Y. factory are some of the most highly skilled craftspeople in the industry, and we are often asked about what specifically goes into hand-building a titanium frame.

So we decided to invite in photographer/videographer Kyle Lieberman to document the entire process—from ideation to the final polishing and anodizing of a frame.

Below is the first in our series, which explains the beginning of the design process. Our director of operations, Scott Hock, is the person who receives your request for a custom or ready-made No. 22, and here he describes how we dial in each build.

Scott is a wizard when it comes to understanding the geometry of each of our designs, as well as evaluating your specific sizing needs in order to create the perfect ride for you.

Check back for more videos on our process soon.