Honored to Be Best In Show

Mar 21, 2019
We are excited and extremely humbled to share with you that we received the following honors at the 2019 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento, Calif., including the biggest award of the event: Best in Show!
Honored to Be Best In Show

We are excited and extremely humbled to share with you that we received the following honors at the 2019 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento, Calif., including the biggest award of the event: Best in Show! 

Winner, Best in Show

For our custom Aurora entry (which is actually co-founder Bryce's personal bike). This award is an immense honor because it means our Aurora was up against every other bike at the show, and was selected among the best bikes in any discipline.

Winner, Campagnolo Best in Show

Again our Aurora, which was built with Campagnolo's brand new 12-speed Super Record EPS (which came out the day before NAHBS), was selected as the strongest showing featuring a Campagnolo groupset.

Winner, Silca Incorporated Build Award

For this category, we first challenged ourselves to create the first-ever titanium Silca Pista pump. Of course, we had to match the finish of our Aurora at this year's show, and we also included a pair of titanium Silca Sicuro bottle cage, as well as a titanium Silca Impero frame pump to tie everything together. Machining a titanium floor pump was exceptionally challenging due to the unique tubing dimensions required, but the result was fantastic.

Finalist, Best Road Bike

The Aurora, which is our race-oriented model, was a finalist in this competitive category which frequently has the most entrants of any NAHBS award. We're proud of this acknowledgement because we work hard to balance performance and aesthetic considerations with our bikes.

Finalist, Best TIG Welding

Our Great Divide Disc frameset was entered in pure "post-weld" condition: no post-weld finishing of any kind was applied to the frame in order to highlight just how perfect our purging and weld process is. This frame was welded by Frank Cenchitz, and was a representation of the quality of welds in every single No. 22 frame produced.

Finalist, Best Finish

A big thank you to Jordan Low at Hot Tubes for his incredible collaboration on this. Hot Tubes did an exceptional job with the airbrushing work overtop our standard Aurora  gold-to-purple anodized fade.
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We’re elated with the success that all of our team’s hard work brought at NAHBS this year. Thanks to all those that helped make this happen.

NAHBS is a really special show for us every year. It's a thrill to be in the room with so many other people so dedicated to making the best possible bikes. NAHBS is the most important showcase for our industry and to receive so much recognition is an incredible honor.

Our favourite part of the show is that you can look at every single bike in the room and find a detail that you love, or a part of the process that is truly innovative. NAHBS is where you see the most extraordinary cohesion of expert craftsmanship and super forward-thinking design.

Each year, we leave the show inspired to push ourselves further, and make even better bikes both in terms of style and performance. Walking the floor, it's heartening to be a part of such a tight-knit and motivated community. NAHBS reflects what we strive to represent in our Johnstown, NY factory: a group of creative and talented cyclists who are excited to craft the sort of bike they want to ride.

The recognition we received at the show this year was truly overwhelming. To be in the same room, let alone on the same stage, as some of these builders that we have admired for so long is unbelievable. The bikes and the talent in the room at NAHBS is unlike any other show we've been to.

We want to congratulate the other finalists, and thank the organizers at NAHBS for allowing us to be a part of something that is so vital to the cycling community.