Skinny Tires and Singletrack: Skyler Taylor on his new Aurora

"As far as road bikes go, I haven't ridden anything like it. I've spent most of my time on name-brand carbon road bikes, so titanium is a big change for me. As is the bike’s custom geometry. I have pretty lengthy proportions and don't fit that well on stock sizes. I didn't realize how much a custom bike can improve the riding experience until now."

Our friends at Above Category have posted a wonderful interview with Skyler Taylor with feedback partway through his first season aboard a No. 22 Aurora. More of his impressions below:

"I've ridden the Aurora almost exclusively since Unbound and have about 1400 miles on it. The ride quality is genuinely sublime. It's aggressive, compliant and responsive all at once. How do No. 22 do that? The biggest difference I've felt from my gravel bike is how well the Aurora climbs. It feels faster, and it is faster. I'm also pleasantly surprised by how it sprints. A lot of the lightweight road bikes I've been on have noticeable flex during a full sprint, but the Aurora is rock solid. This bike really does feel like it can do it all."

Read the full post on Above Category's site here.

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