Above Category Cycling's Interview with Bryce Gracey

"It's an iteration, an evolution. I think that's the way to think of it," explains No. 22’s co-founder Bryce Gracey during a video call to discuss the brand's all-new Aurora. And on the face of it, he's right. The release even looks like bike business as usual: new season, new things. But in typical No. 22 style, Bryce is underplaying its significance - for No. 22 and the wider industry. Because the new Aurora is not so much an evolution but a seismic shift in how bikes - titanium ones, at least - are designed and built.

With his thoughtful, measured delivery, talking to Bryce through a screen feels like meeting across a table. It's very pleasant. Although there is a sizeable 3D-printed elephant in the virtual room that needs to be addressed. You see, the Aurora isn't just a slew of new updates polished to a gleam; it's an exercise in the creative application of some seriously esoteric 3D printing technologies. "We're always honing our product. We've done that from the start," he says. "We've never really sat back and felt complacent. So we've always made small iterative changes to our models as we saw appropriate or fit from a performance standpoint. And as new technologies avail themselves to us, we'll look at those, such as 3D printing technologies, and see how that can make the product even better." 

Our friends at Above Category Cycling published an interview with No. 22 Co-Founder Bryce Gracey detailing our approach to design, and our most recent round of model news and updates. In typical form for Above Category, it's well considered and certainly worth a read.

Click the link below for the full article on Above Category's site.


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