A Refinement to our Seatposts

No. 22 3D Printed Titanium Seatpost

Our made-in-house titanium seatposts have long been a staple of our builds, with great ride quality and an understated look that ties in nicely with our frames. 

We're always looking for ways to refine everything we make, though, and on the heels of the launch of our 3D printed titanium dropouts, we are introducing a new version of our seatposts to leverage the same technology.

The big upgrade comes at the head of the seatpost. Printed from titanium and then heat treated in a vacuum, the new head is lighter and substantially stronger than the already-strong model that it replaces. By printing the seatpost heads instead of casting or machining, we are able to create hollows inside what would otherwise be solid parts, and we can fill those hollows with structural lattices to dramatically increase strength in an extremely weight-efficient way.

No. 22 3D Printed Titanium Seatpost Lattice

The new seatposts are designed around Enve's excellent 2-bolt seatpost clamping hardware. Easy to adjust, durable, and extremely resistant to slipping, we chose to use this existing hardware to ensure easy access to replacement parts through Enve's extensive dealer network.

To further dial in rider fit, we are producing these new seatposts in three offsets: 0mm, 15mm, and 22mm, allowing for finer adjustment of saddle setback than the standard two offset options.

No. 22 3D Printed Titanium Seatpost

As always, we finish these seatposts to perfectly match the graphics of each No. 22 frame.

These seatposts are shipping now with all new complete bike orders, and are also available individually for order here.

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