Exciting new Model and Finish Updates

No. 22 Aurora Full Bike

We've been burning the midnight oil with our team at No. 22 in recent months (years?), and we're excited to be rolling out the most significant updates to our lineup, ever. With an official unveiling at the Philly Bike Expo on October 29th and 30th, expect to see these new options available on our website in the coming days.

New Integrated Cockpit

No. 22 Titanium Stem

Made from sintered titanium, our completely bespoke stem was designed to deliver the highest level of performance while keeping all cables internal, and matching the beautiful materials and finishes of our frames.

Additive manufacturing has allowed us to deliver a stem that is as light as the leading carbon integrated stem offerings, but with huge increases in strength, stiffness, and durability. Hidden faceplate bolts, cleanly integrated steerer tube clamping, and a matching, bespoke titanium headset and interlocking spacers turn the front end of every No. 22 into a work of art.

The integrated front end will be available as an optional upgrade on our road and gravel models.

New Forks

No. 22 Fork

We have completely revised our road and gravel forks to offer increased tire clearance, optional fully internal cable routing, greater headset compatibility and better finishing integration with the frame's graphics.

These forks will be included as standard on all disc-equipped bikes moving forward.

New Dropouts

No. 22 Printed Dropout

Our 3D printed titanium dropouts were introduced into our production bikes late this summer, and will remain a fixture of our models moving forward. These dropouts combine clean looks with tremendous strength and stiffness increases compared to conventional cast or CNC dropouts, and offer substantial alignment benefits during the production process. With tidy fender mount integration, replaceable direct mount or standard hangers, and internal wire routing these dropouts have been exceptionally well received.

For a deep dive into the dropouts, give BikeRumor's podcast interview with Mike Smith from our team a listen: https://bikerumor.com/podcast-062-no22-cycles-explains-why-3d-printed-titanium-is-better/

New Finishes

No. 22 Little Wing

Effective November 1, we will be launching a complete update to all model graphics. Our standard Raw finish will remain as the default finish for all orders, but we are adding a new range of anodized and combination anodized/Cerakote finishes to take your build to the next level. We have been experimenting with Cerakote for several years, and have built our own in-house paint and Cerakote facilities to be able to roll this option out at a production scale.

New Seatposts and Mast Toppers

No. 22 Seat Mast Topper

Another upgrade being shared across all models is our completely new seat mast toppers and seatpost heads. Replacing our previously cast versions of these parts, the 3D printed titanium versions bring substantial increases in strength and stiffness, and a more refined design throughout.

New Seatpost Collars and Bespoke Prototipo Hardware Finishing Kits

No. 22 Seatpost

With no stone being left unturned, we have designed an all-new titanium seatpost collar to ensure that every build looks as good as possible. Continuing that theme, we have been working with Prototipo in Australia for an optional hardware package which replaces all bolts on the frame with custom designed hardware to better match the aesthetic of the frame.

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