Introducing our all-new coupler system
We’ve always dreamed of a better coupler solution, and after an extended development period we’re excited to finally have one. Our coupler bikes rely on two key innovations: our bespoke low-profile frame couplers, and our “Brake Break” hydraulic coupler for brake hoses.
Save The Rim Brake! A Reactor Dream Build
Every now and again we get a chance to work on a bike that perfectly aligns a rider’s vision and our own, and this very special Reactor for No. 22 dealer Larry Marcus is our latest example of that alignment.
Covid-19 Update: Our Factory is Open Again
We are excited to announce that after more than six weeks our factory in Johnstown, NY is reopening. Our production team is safe, healthy, and above all thrilled to be returning to work as restrictions on business operations in NY begin to lift.
How we finish a frame
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Anodization is the perfect way to add a custom signature to your frame. Watch our video on how we achieve the full spectrum of colors and perfect each design.
Didier Muller's custom "Tibet Bike"
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Didier Muller's special Aurora goes for a ride to Everest Basecamp
No. 22 Racing's Darcey Moore on navigating mud, s
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No. 22 Racing’s Darcey Moore loves technical riding and anything challenging. Based outside Boston, she works in logistics for art museums by day, and first realized that she loved cycling when she started commuting to work by bike.
Inside our QC process
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“This phase is all about making sure every detail will come together nicely when you do the final build.”
How "squishing" each titanium tube delivers a spe
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A key moment that helps define the ride identity of each No. 22 build is when machinist Bryar Sesselman carefully “squishes” each frame during the butting process.
Our Welding Process
Despite what you might expect, No. 22 head welder Frank Cenchitz spends a lot of time in front of an alignment plate: a
Introducing No. 22 x Boyd Wheelsets
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The unique No. 22 x Boyd wheelsets were created because both brands know that cyclists purchasing timeless bikes are also looking for a wheelset that they don’t have to throw away and replace with an expensive upgrade. 
The First-Ever Drifter X Owner: Olympic Gold Meda
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A world-record setting speed skater on why he solid his other bikes and now only rides a Drifter X for training, exploring and commuting.
Cycles Bikyle manager Alex Winoski on his custom
Alex Winoski, a passionate cyclist and manager of the upscale shop Cycles Bikyle outside Philadelphia, struggled to fi
Why Our Butting Process Is Special
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One of the special aspects of a No. 22 build is the care we put into constructing the frame. A unique feature of each build is that we butt each tube we use on all of our frames.
Krys Blakemore: Creating accessibility for women
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No. 22 Racing team director Krys Blakemore on expanding women's racing in New York and beyond
How we design a No. 22 bicycle
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The first video in a series exploring our design and build process
Honored to Be Best In Show
We are excited and extremely humbled to share with you that we received the following honors at the 2019 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento, Calif., including the biggest award of the event: Best in Show!
Introducing the Drifter X
After months of dreaming, sketching, building (and rebuilding), we're extremely proud to introduce a gravel bike with incredible edge
No. 22 Racing's Krista Ciminera on gravel rides i
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The Philly-based nurse takes her Broken Arrow on an Italian mixed-terrain adventure, talks about why cross and alleycat racing is similar, and describes how the cycling community has changed her life for the better
Custom geometry and anodized embellishments: Jess
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The No. 22 Racing team member and chemistry professor on racing cyclocross, joining a women's team, and her prized possession
The man (and the math) behind the Strava segment
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How a pet project in a garage evolved into an exciting new way to train, and perfectly nail Strava KOMs
Made in New York: What Went Into The Search and S
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A conversation with the designer behind this special partnership between two handmade brands
Road Bike Action Magazine's review of the No. 22
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"The No. 22 Drifter is as impressive to ride as it is to look at," says Road Bike Action Magazine in their latest issue
A No. 22 Reactor's stunning VéloColour makeover
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Galen Kennedy's No. 22 Reactor gets a makeover from the folks at VéloColour
One Northern Pass rider is going home with a No.
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The Northern Pass raises money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and No. 22 Bicycle Company is offering a frameset to one lucky fundraising-ride participant
Introducing No. 22 Racing
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With a mission to support women in cycling, the team will race on No. 22 bicycles in 2018
Living on the edge with bike courier Cooper Ray a
Watch Cooper Ray's bone-chilling lines through the bustling streets of New York City as he makes his living as a bike messenger on a No. 22 Little Wing
How a No. 22 Little Wing ended up in an Oakley co
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Oakley's Chas Christiansen explains how his No. 22 Little Wing ended up in a number of television commercials giving the brand widespread publicity
Choosing between the No. 22 Great Divide, Aurora
How to differentiate the No. 22 Great Divide, Aurora and Drifter depending on the surface, and style, of your rides
Eight of your most frequently-asked questions, an
Why it's impossible to anodize the colour red, and other queries we often get from prospective No. 22 owners
Our dealer in Seoul has one of the best No. 22 co
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Bike Makes Me Happy store owners Erica Kim and Hacheon Park own four No. 22 bikes and are titanium enthusiasts.

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